homemade breadcrumbs – Fried/Baked Eggplant – homemade chunky tomato sauce

First thing first…

Homemade bread crumbs

The essentials….

italian or french bread (loaf) (I used organic wheat for this batch)/olive oil/garlic powder/oregano/italian seasoning/basil leaf/black pepper/sage/cookie sheet


preheat oven to 350/break up and shred bread nice and small till crumbly onto cookie sheet

add seasonings/drizzle some olive oil (about a tsp) /combine everything (the breadcrumbs are pretty time consuming – took me about 15-20 minutes to pull loaf apart into the size I needed it)

Throw into oven, but check frequently till bread gets nice and crispy (during the crisping process, occasionally break up the bigger pieces of bread till breadcrumby size) take out & cool – get those fingers working through the bread crumbs and crush till bread crumbs are well, bread crumbs 🙂


okay – keep that oven preheated to 350 – we are on to the good stuff now


here we have all the ingredients for the fried/baked eggplant and the tomato sauce

first we will deal with the fried/baked eggplant

your homemade breadcrumbs/ italian dressing/eggplant

100_4624 100_4629 100_4633

cut eggplant about 1/2 inch thick/dip into italian dressing/then breadcrumbs & then fry with olive oil/make sure you are turning eggplant every once and awhile till both sides are fried up and then ready to add to the cookie sheet to bake for about 20-30 minutes (side note: eggplant breaks easily so be careful- you’ll see)




Top is pan fried/bottom is the end result after baking/so yummy!


Now onto the Homemade Tomato Sauce

you’ll need: garlic cloves/onion/red & green pepper/any variety of tomato will do just fine (I am making a big batch so I am using greenhouse grown tomatoes) for a smaller batch use plum – spices you will need on hand are: basil,oregano, italian seasoning blend, pepper, garlic powder!

Add olive oil to pan

chop up garlic so its nice and chunky – same goes with the onion and pepper

100_4644 100_4645 100_4648

add garlic and onion to pan and start sauteing


season as you wish while garlic/onion combo start to turn a bit brown


now it’s time to add the pepper – stir/season some more if you’d like (I do!)

100_4662 100_4668

okay make sure you keep stirring – we want to brown the veggies a bit not burn them

get those tomatoes ready to be cut thick and chunky  and after that is all squared away add to the already started veggie mix in pan – re-season and stir

100_4672 100_4673

the juices from the tomatoes are going to start pouring out so you might want to start mashing away at the tomatoes (or not – it’s really up to you) season it up!


The consistency of this sauce is up to you (if the sauce becomes too thin – add a little (about a tbsp) whole grain flour to a tiny bowl and add water till it becomes soupy/slowly add to sauce while stirring and it will thicken right up


This sauce is unbelievable and when you add it to the eggplant – Wowzers!

100_4703 100_4707 100_4722

So this is the finishing touch! For me and my husband, I added a little something to make the taste explode more

slice up some vegan cheddar and sandwich it between two pieces of the eggplant and bake till cheddar becomes soft

Use your best judgement – plate it – top it with sauce and you are good to go…..

This recipe is very time consuming – but the fun thing is you don’t have to make everything together/ use the sauce recipe … the breadcrumb recipe and even the eggplant recipe for other dishes – either way it’s all so savory……

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