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Veggie Tofu Crescent Pockets

The Essentials

Crescent Roll Package/1 onion/1 red pepper/1 green pepper/handful of garlic/tofu/1 plum tomato/olive oil/vegan butter/ Seasonings: pepper, garlic, chili powder and curry powder (EXPLOSIVE FLAVOR!)


Preheat oven to 375

Slice onions into half moons/chop garlic – add to pan with a tad of olive oil


while onions and garlic is browning/ dice up your tofu

100_5082 100_5086

add tofu to browned onion/garlic mix and stir – season

slice up your green and red pepper julienne style and then cut in half


when you notice the tofu veggie mix in pan starting to brown add your pepper mix

100_5089 100_5092

while your veggie mix is browning dice up your tomato


before you add your tomato to mix – add heaps of seasoning and stir


add your tomato/mix/season a tad more

100_5099 100_5100 100_5101 100_5102 100_5103

while your mix is browning get your crescent dough ready

lay out on a baking sheet and lightly brush just a little bit of vegan butter onto the inside

when your veggie mix is ready load onto crescent and fold over

100_5105 100_5108

I rolled all the crescent dough out and did a couple different rolls I used two for the first photo and obviously one for the second…. (your choice really! they do come out good regardless)

Bake for about 13 minutes (no more than that!) and then take out of the oven

And this will be your final product…..

100_5112 100_5113 100_5116 100_5117 100_5118

They are so delicious!!!! Surprisingly really good…..

My husband gives these 2 thumbs up!!!!!

give them a whirl and enjoy!!!!

Pumpkin Ricotta Filo

The Essentials

2 small onions/1 can organic pumpkin/Tofutti Ricotta Cheese/ vegan butter/olive oil/ Seasonings: pepper/garlic/thyme/rosemary/ sage


Preheat oven to *350

Dice onions – Saute’ in pan with some olive oil


Mix pumpkin & ricotta together – Season heavily with all your seasonings

100_5047 100_5048 100_5049

After the onions are sauteed add your pumpkin ricotta mix to pan and stir thoroughly – lower heat stirring occasionally


Coat the inside of a muffin pan with some butter just so filo won’t stick and put aside

                                                                                         It’s time to prepare the filo……


brush filo with butter and line in muffin pan

then scoop a nice amount of filling onto filo and close up – brush very lightly with butter and add a dash of pepper to the top

100_5053 100_5055

Bake for about 15 minutes

100_5057 100_5058 100_5059

This is the end result!

This is my first time working with filo and I have to admit it’s a doozy.. I also didn’t take a whole lot of photos because again, working with filo kind of scared me. It’s touchy! I might just get the mini filo pastry next time, but in all it was kind of fun…

These came out so scrumptious!  Better than I thought. The taste was not to overpowering and you can taste every ingredient (which pleasantly surprised me)!  The next time I make these I am most definitely going to add sauteed red pepper and maybe some chopped garlic – and if I were to add an extra seasoning I would definitely try some curry in the mix.

A nice little appetizer……

Curried Butternut Squash Soup


The Essentials

1 butternut squash/handful of garlic/1 onion/1 carrot/1 1/2 celery stalks/1 cup vegetable brother/1cup almond milk/
2 tbsps olive oil in a small cup/2 tbsp vegan butter – Seasoning: pepper,garlic,curry powder – tad of salt – oh, and a blender!!!!

(you’ll notice in the essential photo I forgot to get the almond milk and vegan butter out of the fridge! whoops)

Preheat oven to *425


I AM THE BUTTERNUT SQUASH KILLER…………….. (now on a more serious note…..)

cut squash in half

100_5018 100_5020

scoop out seeds – brush with olive oil and lightly season with pepper and curry powder then brush squash again


Bake till a fork tenderly pierces and you aren’t hitting any hard flesh (so to speak!) – remove from the oven and transfer squash to a cooling rack till……

100_5031 100_5033

Baking the Squash takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but in the end they come out looking and smelling fantastic…

During the squash cooking, it’ll be a good time to get your veggies diced fine


add your 2 tbsp to pan and melt – then add your veggie mix and stir (oh and the flame or whatever you use should be a medium heat)


Season w/ pepper, garlic and curry powder and saute till veggies are tender & fragrant

After your squash has cooled a bit it’s time to scoop out squash from skin and add to veggie mix – season w/ curry, pepper and a tad of salt


stir squash and veggie mix till thoroughly combined – add 1 cup veggie brother and 1 cup almond milk and stir………..


it doesn’t look to pretty at first, but it’s quite delightful – heat through to a slight boil and season MORE!!!!!!

Add to blender and puree……………………

*and this will be your finished product*

100_5039 100_5040 100_5041 100_5043

The soup comes out thick and creamy – smells incredible and has a bit of a zing!

Let’s just say, I had a few glasses of wine last night and the motivation to create was swirling through my brain to get in the lab and make something frightfully yummy….. and here you go!

Great for cold days or nights! Enjoy!

Super Yummy Tofu Sandwiches

The Essentials

lettuce (any kind)/tomato (any kind)/onion/peppers(any kind)/Tofu (xtra firm of course!) vegan cheese (any kind) pepper/garlic/chili powder/rye bread

100_4858 100_4898 100_4859 100_4873

cut veggies julienne style – cut tofu into 2 squares (about 1/2 inch to 1 inch thickness)

100_4851 100_4855

heat oil in pan

throw veggies and tofu in pan and season

100_4861 100_4863 100_4871 100_4874 100_4875

brown veggies and tofu (season till you think the right amount is just as you’d like it)

Heat oven to 350 degrees

pull tofu from pan and throw on a cookie sheet and top with vegan cheese


Bake till cheese is melted

100_4886 100_4899 100_4900

Toast Rye Bread – slather on vegan mayo- add tofu/top with veggies/lettuce and tomato


Sit back, relax and dive into your sandwich!

a nice little treat with your veggies and tofu while it’s browning in the pan is to add a bit of balsamic – gives the blend a nice little POP!

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

The Essentials for Vegan Stuffed Peppers are…..

olive oil/black pepper/garlic powder/italian seasoning/chili powder/1 large red pepper/rice (any kind will do) I use the boil in a bag from Wegmans only because I suck at making rice/1 onion/1 small yellow squash/cherry tomatoes/ vegan veggie crumbles/vegan cheese (any kind!)


Preheat oven to 400 – 435 degrees

Cut Red Pepper in half and brush with olive oil (don’t forget to scoop out the seeds!)


put into an oven safe glassware and bake for 15-20 minutes

while baking get everything else ready – start to boil water for rice –  just go for it and get that prepared/whenever the rice is done, just set it aside

Chop onion-garlic-yellow squash


heat up some olive oil in your pan – add onion and garlic and start to brown

100_4764 100_4778

add squash and brown up those veggies

100_4780 100_4791

add your veggie crumbles – season however you choose (I use pepper, garlic powder and chili powder)

100_4785 100_4796 100_4798

when timer goes off for your peppers that are in the oven – turn them over and bake for another 15 minutes

While Peppers are baking – it’s time to add rice to your cooked veggie crumble/veggie mix

100_4799 100_4815

mix and stir till blended together well/season and brown a bit more

Take Peppers out of oven and they should look like this

100_4812 100_4813 100_4818

Now it’s time to scoop in some veggie/crumble mix and top with your choice of  vegan cheese/cheeses!

*NOTE* before I added the cheese I cut up some cherry tomatoes and put on top of veggie mix before cheese was added

100_4819 100_4821 100_4816

Bake till cheese is melty then just take out & DEVOUR!!!!

100_4823 100_4825 100_4841 100_4842

*Note* these creations are not copied or plagiarized from anyone

they are entirely taken from the brain of yours truly and I do hope if you plan on experimenting that you give these recipes a try! Of course I use my husband as my taste tester and so far after 13 years, no complaints! YAHOO!

Enjoy! Bon Appetit!

If you are going to enjoy a glass of wine I suggest a Pinot Grigio or a Cabernet – Cheers!

Onion and Red Pepper Sandwich

Another sandwich night:
saute or brown some onions and peppers (add some pepper, garlic and chili powder)
make up some guacamole (recipe is coming up!)
get out your vegan mayo
toast your bread – put some mayo and guac on both slices
add some lettuce and then your veggies and you are good to go!
Takes a few minutes and is super delicious…..
another quick meal for those who have little time! or just want a quick snack!
Bon Appetit

(photos to follow)