Black Bean Mushroom Burgers


Here is what you will need:

oil/handful cloves of garlic chopped/1 onion chopped/10 medium mushrooms (whatever kind you would like to use) chopped/ bunch of scallion chopped/15 oz can of Black Beans/2 slices marble rye-rye or wheat bread toasted/ : seasonings: pepper/garlic powder/onion powder/cumin and paprika

Toast bread/rip apart and crumb in a food processor – put in a bowl and set aside

drain and rinse beans/ leave to the side while you prepare veggies


chop up your garlic/onion and mushrooms


heat some oil up in your pan and add veggies – season generously!


while your veggies are sauteing – chop up your scallions

100_6235 100_6238

add scallions to your pan and stir – season a bit more and saute’ for about 4-5 minutes till fragrant and soft

remove pan from heat, throw black beans on top of veggies and let cool for a few minutes………

listen to some music, play with your animals, order something online…..

now back to preparation!!!!

stir beans into mushroom mixture and add to food processor and blend away…

100_6243 100_6241

you want to process well, but leave some chunks.

now add your mixture to the bowl with bread crumbs and stir mixture thoroughly…

100_6246 100_6248

form into burgers (the amount should yield at least 15 burgers)(form as many as you plan to use the next day and just put the remaining mixture in a container or your choice)/ wrap each individually with plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight (I let them sit overnight)

100_6250 100_6253

Now it’s time to cook up those burgers……

Heat some oil in a pan and add as many burgers as you plan to use….100_6254 100_6257 100_6258

It’ll take about 10 minutes to cook through if you heat the oil up for a few minutes before adding burgers to the pan…..

This is the finished product!

100_6260 100_6261 100_6264 100_6267 100_6269 100_6270

We added some vegenaise/mustard and a slice of tofutti cheese to our burgers along with (as you see) some lettuce, onion and tomato!

This recipe is ridiculously easy! So beyond tasty! and will hit the right spot!

Late last night when my husband got home from work, he mentioned that he was hungry and I said I would make one of these burgers (they had already been in the fridge for a few hours) My David is my official taste tester for all my recipes and I refuse to put anything on here that doesn’t get an A+ from him or myself and going on 14 years, I haven’t had a failed mark yet. He absolutely loved this black bean mushroom delight!

Give them a try and I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

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