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I have always been a whimsical cook! Creating.... modifying......taking those veggies,grains and proteins and turning them into some fun and adventurous vegan delight. This is a first hand look into the madness of vegan cooking or fun if you want to go that route. My name is Katieri Schwartz and you are entering The Savory Vegan.....

Super Chunky Chili

a couple tablespoons of olive oil/1 onion/1 pepper/a ton of garlic cloves/1 carrot/5 tomatoes/1 can of chick peas, black beans and kidney beans/seasonings: pepper/garlic/chili powder/cumin/and whatever else you would like

drain and rinse beans – dice up veggies

100_5948 100_5949

heat olive oil in a pot and add garlic/onion/pepper and carrots – saute until soft and fragrant/stir


chunk up your tomatoes


add tomatoes/beans and seasoning to pot – stir and set at low to medium heat for about 45 min100_5959 100_5960 100_5962 100_5967

This was sort of a spur of the moment recipe and digging up some essential ingredients was making me want to pull out my hair – but the end result is surprisingly super yummy and perfect for a chilly 🙂 night!

Also, this is my first time making chili. Next batch is going to be a bit more loaded with some extra veggies/hot peppers….hmm….who knows what else!

100_5969 100_5971 100_5972

Enjoy! brrr……….

It’s Garlic Powder! (homemade)


All you need is as much fresh garlic as you’d like to use/nice sharp knife for slicing/cookie sheet

set your oven at it’s lowest temperature

100_5912 100_5919 100_5923

Peel, cut off ends and slice garlic very thin (not goodfellas thin though)

100_5924 100_5925

line up garlic on cookie sheet and throw in the oven

*a bit of advice* if you have a dehydrator, that will definitely be quicker than using your basic oven – this takes a good 2 – 3 hours or more depending on how much you plan on making (I used about 2 and 1/2 bulbs) and you are going to have to check after an hour and flip over some pieces. Go watch a movie, get crafty, play with your animals – your house is going to smell heavenly!

100_5926 100_5927

when your garlic is completely dried out (you want to be able to break it up in your hand) then it is time to get it into powder mode!

If you have a mortar and pestle that would be perfect or a food processor (I don’t have a mortar and pestle, but I do have a food processor and just decided to do a make shift mortar and pestle with a basic bowl and the end of a slicer)

100_5928 100_5934 100_5938 100_5940 100_5941

It took me about a good half hour (maybe more) to get the garlic into powder form. I also left some chunkier pieces to hang out.

100_5944 100_5942

and here you have it – homemade garlic powder!

it smells so good! I dabbed a bit on my finger and WOW! gonna keep on making this one!

So, have fun if you plan on giving this garlic a whirl!


I had a bunch of potatoes left over from the last recipe and filo from another recipe and of course I have to eat dinner so this is what the outcome was.

The Goods

5 small potatoes/filo/daiya cheese/onion/orange and green peppers/mushrooms/vegan butter for brushing the filo/hot sauce (any kind – I used Cholula) olive oil – Seasonings:garlic/pepper/chili powder/paprika and oregano

I preheated the oven to 425

dice potatoes – add seasonings – coat with olive oil – mix and bake on a cookie sheet for about 35-40 minutes


dice up all your veggies – saute or semi brown in some olive oil – season/stir


prepare your filo dough – brush edges with vegan butter

when your potatoes are all done mix in with your veggie sauteed mix – stir and season


in the center of the filo fill with a couple of spoonfuls of your potato/veggie mix

top with daiya cheese and hot sauce – fold up any way you would like

100_5472 100_5474

bake for about 12 – 14 minutes

100_5475 100_5478 100_5479 100_5487

These were amazingly delicious! The hot sauce really made them beyond savory and added the pop I was hoping they would. Also, add some different seasonings, veggies, anything will make this come out pretty darn good!

I didn’t take a whole bunch of preparation photos only because I wasn’t planning on using this as a recipe, but in the midst of the potatoes roasting (they tasted awesome!) and the veggie mix sauteing (I have to say mushrooms always add something to anything veggieish) – I had to start snapping away!

The end result was fantastic! I love cooking! I find it to be such a great outlet – it’s therapeutic and calming and I refuse to ever stop!!!!!!

I do hope you guys give at least some of these recipes a try! They are fulfilling and hits the right spot!

Enjoy fellow Savory Veganites!

Oven Roasted Potato Soup

I began making this on a whim because I just had the urge to do something instead of watching a movie – so here you go……………………..

The Essentials

Seasonings: pepper/garlic/italian seasoning/thyme/rosemary/chili powder/paprika/salt

2 carrots/handful of garlic/piece of ginger/onion/bag of small red potatoes/2 tbsp vegan butter/1 cup veggie broth/1 cup almond milk (I didn’t have any celery, but would definitely use in this recipe)

Preheat oven to 425

peel potatoes and cut in fours/ toss potatoes with all seasonings except salt and cover with oil and mix

throw onto a baking sheet and throw into the oven for about 35 – 40 minutes

100_5415 100_5417 100_5420

Dice up your veggies and saute with your 2 tbsp of vegan butter/season with pepper/garlic and some salt

100_5425 100_5426 100_5428 100_5430

remove your potatoes from the oven and let sit for a little bit while your veggies are still sauteing

100_5431 100_5433

I have to admit that these tasted so good!!!!

Okay now add your potatoes to your veggie mix/add broth and almond milk (1 cup each)/season with pepper/garlic/salt and chili powder – stir


when you notice mix starting to slightly boil then you can start blending in batches and…….

Here you go….

100_5435 100_5437 100_5439 100_5443 100_5446 100_5448 100_5450


I have just recently started experimenting with making soups and so far there hasn’t been a disappointment!

This soup taste so unbelievable! It is thick, creamy and so flavorful…

I do hope you give this recipe a try – it really is worth it!


Pumpkin Ricotta Stuffed Shells

The Essentials

Canned Pumpkin/Tofutti Ricotta/Shells/3 onions/1 green & 2 red peppers/handful of garlic/5 plum tomatoes/Seasonings:basil/rosemary/thyme/garlic/black pepper/marsala wine


Preheat oven to 400

Heat oil in pan

Dice onion/red pepper – start to saute’


Get that water boiling for your shells


while your shells are boiling and your veggies are sauteeing – time to prepare your pumpkin and ricotta in a bowl – don’t forget to add all your spices and mix well

100_5284 100_5287

add your pumpkin mix to your sauteed veggies – season more and stir – you want the ricotta to melt through (let me add the aromas that will fill throughout your home will make you swoon….)

100_5291 100_5292

this will take about 10 minutes (after everything is cooked through transfer pumpkin mix to a bowl and set aside) – strain your shells and rinse with cool water


prepare a oven safe glass dish and line your shells – scoop in pumpkin mix and season

100_5304 100_5307 100_5309 100_5310 100_5311 100_5312 100_5313 100_5314 100_5315 100_5316 100_5320

drizzle a little olive oil over shells and bake for 15 – 20 minutes

while shells are baking chop up garlic/onion/ your red and green peppers/about 5 plum tomatoes

100_5296 100_5299100_5322

start sauteing your onions,garlic and peppers – season and slightly brown


throw in those tomatoes….. stir and season

100_5324 100_5325

when you notice the juices from the tomatoes making the mix saucy it’s time to add your 1/3 cup of marsala wine and stir

this topping if very fragrant and can be used as a chunky sauce on pretty much anything

100_5328 100_5339 100_5349

remove shells from oven


when tomato topping is thickened  – cover over shells


Bake for another 10 minutes

Remove and wah la……

100_5364 100_5365 100_5366 100_5367 100_5372 100_5378 100_5381 100_5387

I would definitely add some Daiya to it or the vegan parmesan! Season till your hearts content and dig in!

Sip on some wine and fill those bellies up……

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

The Essentials


1 red pepper/5 garlic cloves/1/4 cup tahini/2 lemons/2 cans garbanzo beans/olive oil/paprika – oh, a blender or food processor – baking sheet and aluminum foil

preheat oven to 400

100_5234 100_5235 100_5236

slice pepper in half – take out seeds – place skin side up onto baking sheet and lightly brush olive oil on pepper

bake for about 30 minutes or until skins are charred a bit

before you remove peppers from the oven – make sure you prepare the rest of the ingredients

you want to strain and drain liquid from garbanzo beans


get your garlic minced up – slice your lemons in half – get your tahini all measured out and your oil too (I have to say that during the blending process I did add a bit more oil than a simple tablespoon – you really have to judge it yourself)


Okay – take out those peppers, I am sure they are ready to go!

100_5252 100_5253 100_5254

after you remove the peppers, allow them to sit for a bit till they are easy to handle and then remove the skins and slice them up so you can prepare your hummus………

add everything to blender or food processor

100_5256 <—-looks scary!

BLEND! (during your blending squeeze the juices from the lemons and add some pulp as well – add a bit more oil) BLEND!

and this will be your final product…..

100_5257 100_5266 100_5268 100_5269 100_5270 100_5271 100_5272

I drizzled a little more lemon juice and sprinkled some more paprika on top!

I have made hummus so many times over the years, but this is the first time I have ever made a Roasted Red Pepper Hummus – it came out so delicious!

So half way through the blending process – the blender kind of took a nap – well, let’s just say I had to scoop a bunch out and blend little by little till it came out nice and smooth. If your appliances are working fine, then don’t worry – the ingredients should blend together perfectly!

Bon Appetit……

Veggie Tofu Crescent Pockets

The Essentials

Crescent Roll Package/1 onion/1 red pepper/1 green pepper/handful of garlic/tofu/1 plum tomato/olive oil/vegan butter/ Seasonings: pepper, garlic, chili powder and curry powder (EXPLOSIVE FLAVOR!)


Preheat oven to 375

Slice onions into half moons/chop garlic – add to pan with a tad of olive oil


while onions and garlic is browning/ dice up your tofu

100_5082 100_5086

add tofu to browned onion/garlic mix and stir – season

slice up your green and red pepper julienne style and then cut in half


when you notice the tofu veggie mix in pan starting to brown add your pepper mix

100_5089 100_5092

while your veggie mix is browning dice up your tomato


before you add your tomato to mix – add heaps of seasoning and stir


add your tomato/mix/season a tad more

100_5099 100_5100 100_5101 100_5102 100_5103

while your mix is browning get your crescent dough ready

lay out on a baking sheet and lightly brush just a little bit of vegan butter onto the inside

when your veggie mix is ready load onto crescent and fold over

100_5105 100_5108

I rolled all the crescent dough out and did a couple different rolls I used two for the first photo and obviously one for the second…. (your choice really! they do come out good regardless)

Bake for about 13 minutes (no more than that!) and then take out of the oven

And this will be your final product…..

100_5112 100_5113 100_5116 100_5117 100_5118

They are so delicious!!!! Surprisingly really good…..

My husband gives these 2 thumbs up!!!!!

give them a whirl and enjoy!!!!

Pumpkin Ricotta Filo

The Essentials

2 small onions/1 can organic pumpkin/Tofutti Ricotta Cheese/ vegan butter/olive oil/ Seasonings: pepper/garlic/thyme/rosemary/ sage


Preheat oven to *350

Dice onions – Saute’ in pan with some olive oil


Mix pumpkin & ricotta together – Season heavily with all your seasonings

100_5047 100_5048 100_5049

After the onions are sauteed add your pumpkin ricotta mix to pan and stir thoroughly – lower heat stirring occasionally


Coat the inside of a muffin pan with some butter just so filo won’t stick and put aside

                                                                                         It’s time to prepare the filo……


brush filo with butter and line in muffin pan

then scoop a nice amount of filling onto filo and close up – brush very lightly with butter and add a dash of pepper to the top

100_5053 100_5055

Bake for about 15 minutes

100_5057 100_5058 100_5059

This is the end result!

This is my first time working with filo and I have to admit it’s a doozy.. I also didn’t take a whole lot of photos because again, working with filo kind of scared me. It’s touchy! I might just get the mini filo pastry next time, but in all it was kind of fun…

These came out so scrumptious!  Better than I thought. The taste was not to overpowering and you can taste every ingredient (which pleasantly surprised me)!  The next time I make these I am most definitely going to add sauteed red pepper and maybe some chopped garlic – and if I were to add an extra seasoning I would definitely try some curry in the mix.

A nice little appetizer……

Curried Butternut Squash Soup


The Essentials

1 butternut squash/handful of garlic/1 onion/1 carrot/1 1/2 celery stalks/1 cup vegetable brother/1cup almond milk/
2 tbsps olive oil in a small cup/2 tbsp vegan butter – Seasoning: pepper,garlic,curry powder – tad of salt – oh, and a blender!!!!

(you’ll notice in the essential photo I forgot to get the almond milk and vegan butter out of the fridge! whoops)

Preheat oven to *425


I AM THE BUTTERNUT SQUASH KILLER…………….. (now on a more serious note…..)

cut squash in half

100_5018 100_5020

scoop out seeds – brush with olive oil and lightly season with pepper and curry powder then brush squash again


Bake till a fork tenderly pierces and you aren’t hitting any hard flesh (so to speak!) – remove from the oven and transfer squash to a cooling rack till……

100_5031 100_5033

Baking the Squash takes about 45 minutes to an hour, but in the end they come out looking and smelling fantastic…

During the squash cooking, it’ll be a good time to get your veggies diced fine


add your 2 tbsp to pan and melt – then add your veggie mix and stir (oh and the flame or whatever you use should be a medium heat)


Season w/ pepper, garlic and curry powder and saute till veggies are tender & fragrant

After your squash has cooled a bit it’s time to scoop out squash from skin and add to veggie mix – season w/ curry, pepper and a tad of salt


stir squash and veggie mix till thoroughly combined – add 1 cup veggie brother and 1 cup almond milk and stir………..


it doesn’t look to pretty at first, but it’s quite delightful – heat through to a slight boil and season MORE!!!!!!

Add to blender and puree……………………

*and this will be your finished product*

100_5039 100_5040 100_5041 100_5043

The soup comes out thick and creamy – smells incredible and has a bit of a zing!

Let’s just say, I had a few glasses of wine last night and the motivation to create was swirling through my brain to get in the lab and make something frightfully yummy….. and here you go!

Great for cold days or nights! Enjoy!

Super Yummy Tofu Sandwiches

The Essentials

lettuce (any kind)/tomato (any kind)/onion/peppers(any kind)/Tofu (xtra firm of course!) vegan cheese (any kind) pepper/garlic/chili powder/rye bread

100_4858 100_4898 100_4859 100_4873

cut veggies julienne style – cut tofu into 2 squares (about 1/2 inch to 1 inch thickness)

100_4851 100_4855

heat oil in pan

throw veggies and tofu in pan and season

100_4861 100_4863 100_4871 100_4874 100_4875

brown veggies and tofu (season till you think the right amount is just as you’d like it)

Heat oven to 350 degrees

pull tofu from pan and throw on a cookie sheet and top with vegan cheese


Bake till cheese is melted

100_4886 100_4899 100_4900

Toast Rye Bread – slather on vegan mayo- add tofu/top with veggies/lettuce and tomato


Sit back, relax and dive into your sandwich!

a nice little treat with your veggies and tofu while it’s browning in the pan is to add a bit of balsamic – gives the blend a nice little POP!